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What We Do

Customized Research Projects - sourcing of information through secondary or primary information sources and compiled with analysis.  Examples include:


  • Industry background 

  • Trends

  • Competitive Analysis 

  • In-depth Company research 

  • Relevant contacts in associations/competition/govt/customers


Media Monitoring - newspapers, magazines, and other online information sources reviewed on a regular basis to locate information relating to a specific topic 

  • Reporting can be on a monthly, weekly or daily basis


Tools Used:


Primary research (direct) - interviews, surveys 


Secondary research (indirect)- Internet (company websites, blogs/chat, industry publications directories, media (newspapers, tv/radio, press releases)



Service Delivery Process:


1.  Needs Assessment 


  • Specific informational need                                   

  • Timing 

  • Delivery Format 


2.  Proposal delivered containing:                       

  • Cost estimate 

  • Timelines 

  • Delivery format 


3.  Final amendments made, if necessary 


4.  Proposal finalized into service contract  


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